Financial – The Control Card Prepaid MasterCard

The Control Card Prepaid MasterCard:

  • The Control Card by MasterCard is available to consumers without a credit check – because this is not a credit card your credit history will not be reviewed for approval
  • If you are attempting to activate a new Control Card you can follow the activation link from the main page – you will need to provide your full card number and CVC2 Number
  • During the registration process you will activate your card and will create a unique username and password which will be used to access your online account
  • This card provides users with free direct deposit and if your total deposit is over $500 per month you will automatically be upgraded to a discounted monthly maintenance fee

Many consumers are concerned about the increasing debt they see their family and friends incurring.  Personal credit card debt continues to soar and many individuals are seeking better alternatives.  Additionally, many credit cards can be difficult to receive approval for – if you have less than good credit it can be very challenging to qualify for a credit card.  For all of these reasons, many consumers are turning to prepaid cards to allow them to manage their money.

The Control Prepaid MasterCard is accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  This card allows for free direct deposit (such as direct paycheck deposit).  Other features of this card include no overdraft fees and no interest fees.  In addition to direct deposit options, cardholders can deposit funds at locations available throughout the country.

Control Card Information Beyond What Was Stated Above:

  • If you are attempting to sign up for a new card you can complete the card request form and register for an online account to sign up
  • For individuals who are receiving paper checks (such as paychecks or benefit checks) you may be able to receive access to your funds faster than traditional check deposits