Financial – Healthcare Patient Payment Center Online

Healthcare Patient Payment Center Online:

  • If you have received a patient billing invoice from your healthcare provider directing you to this website you can complete the payment process and billing
  • In order to complete your payment you will need to have your account number available at time of payment – this can be found on your billing invoice
  • Patients will also need to provide their first and last name and well as their email address to complete the payment process through this online payment center
  • Once you have logged in using the necessary information and completing the requested fields you will be able to view your bill and continue through the payment process

Avadyne Health is a service many healthcare providers use to provide an easy payment system for patients.  One of the most frustrating things about paying bills is how difficult it can be to make a payment.  This service is intended to streamline this process for patients who have received billing which can be payed through the Avadyne Health online payment center.  If you will be paying through this online service you will want to retain your bill so that you have the necessary information to access your billing online.

Using this service will require a valid email address.  Your email address will be used for correspondence regarding your billing such as confirmation of payment.  To access the online payment center you will need a device with a browser capable of connecting to the internet to visit the website.

Additional Information Regarding the Avadyne Health Payment Center:

  • When providing your account number be sure to review the instructions – only the numbers (and any letters) should be provided following the hyphen in your account number
  • If you are having difficulties logging in and accessing your bill you can contact the help service using the toll free number provided


(800) 777-8645