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Credit Acceptance Make a Payment:

  • Credit Acceptance is a financing company which works with local car dealers throughout the US and provides automobile loans for customers who are purchasing a vehicle from a dealership
  • One of the benefits of this service is that loan approval may be provided where otherwise an individual might not have qualified – this presents an opportunity to rebuild credit
  • It is essential that all payments for any services or loans are made timely to protect your credit – customers who have loans through Credit Acceptance can review payment options available
  • Many payment options can be explored including recurring payments, one time payments, payments made in person, payments made by phone and other options

Credit scores and credit reports are one of the main criteria lenders use when determining a consumer’s ability to pay back a potential loan.  Unfortunately for many consumers, this can be a drawback when attempting to secure a loan of line of credit.  Credit Acceptance is a company which attempts to provide loan services to customers who may not have been approved through other financial institutions.  This can be a great opportunity to rebuild credit but in order to make sure your credit score is trending upwards, consumers must be wise and make all of their payments on time.  Credit Acceptance provides many options for consumers to set up payments which ultimately can lead to better credit reports and credit scores in the long run.

Additional Information about Credit Acceptance Payment Options:

  • Autopay and One Time payments are managed through Western Union – one time payments will incur a transfer fee but recurring payments will not have a fee associated
  • Payments made in person or by mail will also not require a processing fee – it is best to choose payment options without fees when you have the choice