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Visa Go Wallet Balance

  • View card balances and transactions associated with Visa Go Wallet
  • Offers convenient and quick access of card information using online service or mobile apps
  • Go Wallet is a 100% free service available to all card holders
  • The service is offered by Blackhawk Network
  • GoWallet service was launched back in 2012

Go Wallet is an online digital service for prepaid cards that allows card holders to add all their cards into a Go Wallet account, from where they can access the card information and manage their cards. The service is offered by Blackhawk Network, a leading company that specializes in the provision of prepaid and financial payment services to individual customers and businesses.

What are the benefits of using Go Wallet?

  • Easy management of cards – card holders can add multiple cards to Go Wallet account from where they can easily manage them
  • Access to promotional offers for various cards
  • Allows a customer to have a one stop shop to store all cards

One of the main features of Go Wallet service is the card balance tracking feature. Using this feature, card holders can be able to access their card balances for all the supported cards in real-time. With features, multiple card holders can be able to view the balance of all their cards in a single secure location. This allows them to spend the entire amount available on the cards before disposing them.

How to use the Visa Go Wallet online service?

  • Visit to register
  • Click on the “sign up” section to register for a Go Wallet account
  • Enter card number for your Visa Gift card followed by the card expiration date
  • Provide all the information required including email address and other personal information
  • Submit the information to create your account

Users can also manage their cards using mobile devices by downloading Go Wallet app on Apple App store for iPhone and Google Play store for Android phones.  Any questions or concerns about the Visa Go Wallet service can be directed to a customer care agent at


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