Financial – MyVanilla Prepaid Reloadable Card

MyVanilla Prepaid Reloadable Card:

  • The Vanilla Prepaid Card is available for use anywhere Visa or Mastercard (depending on your card – other versions of the card are available) is accepted
  • If you have a Vanilla Visa/MasterCard you can visit the main Vanilla Card Website to access your account to view your current account information such as your current balance
  • To log in to your account you will need your username and password – if you have not yet registered your account online you can complete this by visiting the set up your card link
  • If you are setting up your card for the first time you will need to have your card information available at time of registration including your card number and CVV Code

Prepaid cards are becoming the one of the biggest crazes in personal finances.  Many consumers see these cards as the answer to their prayers as it provides them a way to manage their money without relying on credit or revolving debt.  Prepaid cards are very simple – money must be loaded on to the card before it can be used.  If funds are not available, then you are not able to access money because their is no line of credit associated with these cards.

The MyVanilla Card allows consumers flexibility to use their card how they would like.  There is no credit check needed to sign up for the card (again, this card is not a line of credit).  Other perks of this card include free direct deposit, account notifications, and mobile applications available for cardholders smartphones.

Additional Information Regarding the MyVanilla Prepaid Cards:

  • If you purchased a starter card at a participating retailer you can register your card and begin using it once you have completed the registration process
  • If you are a Mio Money cardholder you may have been informed that your card will be upgraded to a MyVanilla MasterCard – your new account can be created with MyVanilla