Credit – BP Credit Card Program Customer Login

BP Credit Card Program Customer Login:

  • BP Credit Card customers can visit this webpage to login in to their credit card account and manage their account settings
  • If you have not yet registered  your BP Credit Card online account you will need to complete this step prior to access any of your account information online
  • To login, you will first be asked to provide your login User ID and will then be directed to a second page which will include your verification image and request you password
  • Synchrony Bank issues BP Credit Cards and they are available to customers who would like to apply for a credit card which provides rewards for BP purchases (plus all other purchases)

The BP Credit Card is a rewards card which allows consumers to use their rewards to save on one of the most commonly purchased items – especially for commuters – gasoline.  Two available cards are made options for consumers, there BP Rewards Credit Card and the BP Visa Rewards Credit Card.  Both credit cards allow consumers to save money on gas purchases at BP but the Visa rewards card provides additional options for savings.

To elaborate a bit on the difference between the two credit card, the most striking difference is the availability of ways to earn cash back.  The BP Visa Rewards Card provides rewards for all purchases except non BP Gas Stations.  You also receive additional rewards for purchases made at grocery stores and at BP Gas Stations.  The BP Credit Card also provides rewards for purchases made at BP but the additional rewards are not part of this card.

Additional Information about Your BP Credit Card:

  • Regardless of which card you have, both online accounts are accessed through this webpage once you have registered your online account
  • Customers with online accounts can sign up for options such as paperless billing (good for the environment), recurring payments, or customized alerts