Credit – My BJs Perks MasterCard Card Services Page

My BJs Perks MasterCard Card Services Page:

  • For BJ’s Perks MasterCard credit card holder who already have an account – simply visit this page and provide your online account username and the associated password to login
  • If you are a current cardholder, but you have not yet registered your account, you will need to follow the links on the page to begin the registration process and obtain online access
  • If you are not yet a BJ’s Perks MasterCard holder, you can learn about the benefits this card provides to shoppers who frequent BJ’s outlets as well as the benefits outside of BJ’s
  • In addition to login and registration options, you can also learn about exclusive offers for cardholders, activate your card, and register access from the webpage

BJ’s is an American based wholesale club which provides a wholesale shopping experience for their many members.  In order to shop at BJ’s wholesale stores you will need to first become a member (however, you can inquire within about daily membership rates for infrequent shoppers).  For many members who frequest BJ’s, the next obvious choice is to further your rewards by becoming a credit card holder as well.  This is exactly why you will find that most BJ’s members pay for their purchases using their BJ’s Perks MasterCard.

The BJ’s Perks MasterCard provides 5% back on most purchases made at BJ’s outlets.  The savings do not stop there.  You will also receive 10 cents off each gallon of gas purchased at BJs and 2% back on gas purchased elsewhere.  For all dining purchases you will also receive 2% cash back.

Additional Information about the BJ’s Perks MasterCard:

  • All other purchases will provide 1% cash back – this is for any purchase made using your card with MasterCard is accepted
  • Online registration allows cardholders to access their account 24/7 to pay bills, view their credit card statements, and manage their account