Credit Financial – Activating Your Bank of America Credit Card

Activating Your Bank of America Credit Card:

  • Bank of America offers a variety of credit cards such as the BoA Cash Rewards Card and the BoA Travel Rewards Card – all can be activated through the activation website
  • If you already have enrolled with Bank of America Online Banking the activation process is simple, just log in to your account and verify that you have received your new card
  • For card holders who have not yet registered with Bank of America online banking you will first need to enroll and create an online account prior to online activation of your card
  • When enrolling for the first time you will need to provide your credit card account number and your social security number which will begin the online enrollment process

Bank of America is one of the largest banks in the United States and provides customers with checking and saving account services, credit card services, loan services, and many other financial services.  If you have multiple accounts with Bank of America, you only need to create a single online account to view accounts such as checking, savings, and credit all in one place.  This convenience allows customers to easily access all of their financial details across all accounts in one place.

Once you have activated your card (you card can also be activated by calling the toll free activation number as well) you will be able to begin using your new card immeadiately.  If you have enrolled in online banking all of your transactions can easily be viewed when you log in to your online account.

Bank of America Online Credit Card Account Information:

  • Once you have accessed your online account you can easily access your credit card rewards information under the “rewards” tab – rewards will be updated each statement
  • Your online account will provide you with your account balance, your credit limit and available credit limit, and your cash credit line available