Credit Promotional – My BP Station Rewards

My BP Station Rewards:

  • Sign up for and learn about the BP Station Rewards Card or the BP Station Credit Card
  • Manage your BP Credit Card or BP Rewards Card account online
  • The BP Credit Card is backed by Visa and can be used at any location Visa is accepted
  • The BP Rewards Card also allows members to save on gas purchases at participating BP Locations (this is not a credit card)
  • Using the BP Gas Saving Calculator you can determine approximate savings on fuel purchases when entering anticipated spending amounts

BP Gas Stations have locations throughout the United States and this rewards program allows members to receive discounted gas purchases.  There are two options available – the BP Credit Card and the BP Rewards Card.  With the BP Credit Card, you can apply for a line of credit which, like all credit decisions, will be based on your credit history.  The BP Rewards Card is not a credit card and no application process is necessary – simply sign up and you will begin to receive discounts for fuel purchases at participating BP Locations when you use for BP Rewards Card.

BP Driver Reward members earn 10 cents per gallon (up to 20 gallons) for every $100 spent on fuel at participating locations.  BP Credit Card holders earn 25 cents per gallon for every $100 dollars spent on fuel at participating locations.  In addition to fuel purchases, credit card holders will receive 15 cents per gallon for each 100 dollars spent at eligible grocery store and restaurant purchases.  Credit Card holders will also receive 5 cents for each 100 dollars spent at anywhere else Visa is accepted (with the exception of other non-BP gas stations).

Additional Information about BP Card Programs:

  • Reward points expire one year after the month in which the points are earned
  • To Register for the Rewards Card you will need to provide basic contact information and create a username and password
  • To apply for the BP Credit Card you will need to complete the credit card application which will be subject to your individual credit history