Promotional – Kick Back Points Rewards Program

Kick Back Points Rewards Program:

  • Learn about and manage your Kick Back Points Reward card and account
  • Kick Back Points spend like cash at any participating location – gas stations across the United States participate in this program
  • This is a customer reward program – consumers earn points when they make purchases using their Kick Back Card at participating locations
  • In addition to accruing points, Kick Back members will be eligible for monthly prizes and drawings for registered accounts

Kick Back Points is a rewards program which is featured at many participating gas stations across the United Statues.  Visiting the Kick Back Points website allows users to search for participating vendors in your area.  Upon visiting a participating vendor you must pick up a Kick Back Points Card.  This card will include the numerical account number which can then be registered online, creating an account which allows you to earn points and redeem your points at participating locations.

Kick Back Points is more than just a rewards points service.  In addition to accumulating points which can be redeemed for purchases, Kick Back Rewards offers prizes and giveaways throughout the year.  Recently featured was their Daytona Give-A-Way Promotion.  This promotion included a grand prize of a trip to see the Daytona 500 race in February 2016.  Entry for contest such as this is automatic when you use your Kick Back Rewards Card.  Additionally, Kick Back Rewards is currently featuring a fantasy football challenge which can be linked to your account.

Additional Information About Kick Back Points:

  • In order to register, all members must be at least 18 years of age
  • Basic contact information is required to register including name, email, home address and phone number
  • The Kick Back program is a free rewards program – no purchase or sign up cost is associated with this program
  • To spend points – visit any participating location and present your card – your balance will be converted to go towards your eligible purchase