Educational Financial – LendKey Student Loan Refinance Login Page

LendKey Student Loan Refinance Login Page:

  • This page allows borrowers who have an active account with LendKey to access their online account and view the details of their outstanding loan balances
  • Login will require you to provide the email address that is associated with your account as well as the password which was previously created for your LendKey Account
  • If you have be notified your loan servicing company has changed from one company and is now being serviced by LendKey you will need to follow the instructions provided to access your new account
  • One logged in you will have access to your account summary which includes you loan interest rate, your total loan balance, and information regarding minimum payments

LendKey primarily assists customers who are attempting to refinance student loan debt.  LendKey refinancing debt by partnering with a collection of local banks and credit unions to provide competitive interest rates and refinance options.  If you are considering refinancing student loan debt, or any other debt, it is important to review all details of the loan offers to ensure you are making a deal which will benefit you throughout the life of the new loan.

Once you have logged in to your account you will have options available to you which include setting up features such as auto payments.  Setting up automatic billing for loans and other recurring payments is a smart idea to avoid late payments which will ultimately make you are strong borrower and improve your credit history.

Additional Information about LendKey:

  • Once logged in you will be able to manage your account settings and contact information – it is important to review this regularly to keep this information up to date
  • If you were notified your loan will now be serviced by LendKey you can log in to your account to view when this chance will occur – continue making payments until you receive your new bill