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VivoSmart By Garmin

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Over the years Garmin has strived to be the leader in electronic products for outdoor, automotive, marine, aviation and sports applications. Now they are throwing their hat into the fitness realm with the VivoSmart fitness tracker. We all know there are many such trackers on the market, and they only thing that separates the wheat from the chaff is how “smart” the tracker in question is. The VivoSmart answers that question with a resounding “very smart.” This tracker comes with a host of state-of-the-art features all designed to offer the user the best shot at getting up, getting active and shedding those unwanted pounds. And the best part is you get all these features in an easy-to-wear wristband.

Some of the major features offered by the VivoSmart

  • Smart notifications prompt the user to take action
  • Auto goals keep users striving to reach that next benchmark
  • Inactivity alerts vibrate whenever folks get a little too sedentary
  • Touch-swipe operation
  • View phone, email and text notices

One of the features Garmin is most proud of is the inactivity alert system. This is what separates the VivoSmart apart from other fitness trackers. After all, getting moving is great, but prolonged periods of inactivity can render those few instances of exercise moot. The VivoSmart’s inactivity alert prompts the user when he or she has been indolent for a little too long, and recommends to them a short walk break that can help the body produce fat-burning enzymes. These alerts tend to occur after one hour of inactivity. They’re a great way to keep the momentum going.

Contacting Garmin

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