Tech – Connect Your LeapFrog Device

Leap Frog Connect

  • Personalize your LeapFrog device through LeapFrog Connect
  • Online registration allows for easy connection
  • Access amazing educational content through LeapFrog Connect

LeapFrog, one of the premier manufacturers of educational toys and products for children, is consolidating all their quality content with LeapFrog Connect. Parents can now manage all their children’s digital educational materials with one simple download. Whether you are using a LeapPad, LeapBand, LeapReader or Leapster device, simply install LeapFrog Connect via the online download page, and then your child will have access to vast libraries of educational games, puzzles, videos, apps, interactive storybooks and more. In fact, the whole LeapFrog App Center and Learning Path selections are available to those who install LeapFrog Connect on their device.

How to Download LeapFrog Connect

  • Turn on your LeapFrog device and ensure it is charged
  • Access Leap Frog Connect and choose a download link that matches the device
  • Register the device via LeapFrog Connect’s Parent Account manager
  • Search the LeapFrog store for available content
  • Download available content

Customers may need to troubleshoot issues regarding LeapFrog Connect. The most common reason for a device not connecting the program is due to an absent driver. Also, many devices include a four-digit parent lock code. It’s not uncommon to forget this code, and those that do can retrieve it by logging into their LeapFrog account. Some Windows users may find that their computer does not recognize their LeapFrog device. In this instance, unplug all devices from USB ports and reinstall the driver application. Step-by-step instructions on how to reinstall the driver application can be found on Leapfrog’s support page.

Contacting LeapFrog

  • LeapFrog Global Headquarters6401 Hollis Street, Suite 100, Emeryville, CA, 94608-1071