Tech – Pokemon Go Live Pokemon Locator Tool

Pokemon Go Pokemon Locator Tool:

  • This website allows players of Pokemon Go to find the location of Pokemon near them by entering their location (street, address, or location can be entered in the search bar)
  • The scanning feature on this website currently allows Pokemon Go Players to see what Pokemon are within a set range of their actual location while playing the game
  • Pokemon within your set location will be shown on the website map and a timer will be displayed which shows how long until the Pokemon despawns
  • This website allows users to zoom in and out of their location in order to view a further out view or a much closer view to show very precise location displays

Pokemon Go is a smartphone application game which allows players to capture Pokemon and compete against their peers in a competition to see who can catch the most Pokemon and who can accrue the most powerful Pokemon.  There have been millions of Pokemon Go downloads since it was released in the summer of 2016 and even more since the recent updates.  The worldwide release of the game is occurring on a rolling basis and additional country releases are currently ongoing.

When playing Pokemon Go there is an in game function which allows players to view what Pokemon are nearby their location.  This does not provide a precise location which is the benefit of using Pokemon Maps such as the one provided on this website.  Users are able to see where and for how long a Pokemon will be in a specific location near their set range.

Additional Information about this Pokemon Go Locator Tool:

  • This website which was created and designed to provide an additional Pokemon Locator tool in addition to using the in game features
  • In addition to seeing Pokemon nearby you can also scan for gyms to find gym locations near your area