Financial – Green Dot Visa and MasterCard Activation

Green Dot Visa and MasterCard Activation:

  • Green Dot Re-loadable prepaid cards can be activated by visiting this website and providing the necessary account and security information specific to your prepaid card
  • To being the process you will need to provide the full 16 digit account number which can be found on the front of your card and then enter the expiration date which is found nearby
  • In addition to the account number and expiration date you will also need to locate your security code which is a three digit code which can be found on the reverse side of you card
  • Once you have provided this information you will be asked to create a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and verify the last four digits of you social security number to complete the process

Prepaid, re-loadable cards are a unique financial tool that many individuals are beginning to take advantage of.  They present several advantages and differences to traditional debit and credit cards which is a reason why many consumers have opted to use these types of cards.  Unlike credit cards, you will not accumulate a debt with each purchase on the card – the funds on the card is the limit of purchase you can make so you do not have to be concerned about spending money you do not have.  Additionally, unlike a traditional debit card, this card is not directly linked to a checking account so in the event that your card is lost of stolen, you have an extra layer of protection between your card and  your bank account.

Additional Information about the Green Dot Prepaid Visa/MasterCard:

  • Green Dot provides options for direct deposits of funds from sources such as a paycheck which allow you to automatically reload funds to your card
  • Once your prepaid card has been received and activated you can begin using your card for purchases


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