Tech – Activating Your Device NBC Sports

Activating Your Device NBC Sports:

  • Customers who subscribe to NBC Sports through their television service can also view the content by streaming through devices such as the Roku, Xbox One, Fire TV, or others
  • In order to view NBC Sports on a device you will need to verify (activate) this device by syncing it with your account through which you receive service of NBC Sports (ie: your cable/satellite provider)
  • When viewing through your device you will be prompted to visit this webpage and enter an activation code which will be displayed on screen on the device through which you are attempting to view
  • You will need to provide this activation code on the activation website as well as select your device type and you service provider which will direct you to the appropriate next step

One of the most popular services television providers have brought to their customers is the ability to instantly stream the services they pay for from devices outside of their cable or satellite television.  Many internet connected devices allow for people to stream their favorite networks and NBC Sports is no exception.  If you are attempting to view NBC Sports through a device and have been prompted to visit this webpage you will need to provide the information indicated above.  Once this has been provide you will be redirected to your providers website where you will be asked to log in to your online account to verify your NBC Sports subscription.  Once you have verified your subscription, your streaming will be activated from the device you are viewing.

Additional Information about Streaming NBC Sports:

  • In order to complete the activation process you must be able to log in to your provider’s account – this will require your account information for your television provider
  • Once you have verified your account your device will have access to content provided by NBC Sports