Credit – My Home Depot Credit Center

Home Depot Credit Center:

  • Home Depot customers (both consumer and business cards) can visit this webpage to access their credit card account management page and take care of bill payment
  • If you have not yet applied for a credit card but are interested in an account you can also access the application pages for the different credit cards offered by Home Depot to their customers
  • Home Depot Consumer cards are designed for individuals who are making purchases at Home Depot – there are two types of cards, Consumer Cards and Project Loan Cards for large projects
  • Home Depot Commercial Cards are designed for business accounts and also provide two different types of cards one for Commercial Accounts and one for Revolving Commercial Accounts

If you are attempting to access your account you can visit this webpage and follow the link to the the login page.  In order to log in online you will need to provide your username and credit card which are associated with your card.  If you have a Home Depot credit card but have not yet registered an online account, you will need to complete this simple process prior to accessing your account management online.

Home Depot is one of the largest home goods providers in the world and offers a variety of financing options to consumers.  Because many large contracting companies have accounts with Home Depot, business account options are available as well as accounts designed for individuals or individual projects.

Additional Information About Home Depot Credit Center:

  • If you are applying for a new credit card you will need to provide your contact information and financial information which will be used to determine your credit limit and interest rate
  • There is also the option to check to see if you pre-qualify for a credit card which will be done without affecting your credit score