Lawsuit – Guess Text Messaging Class Action Settlement Information

Guess Text Messaging Class Action Settlement Information:

  • This settlement was reached outside of court – no wrongdoing was found to have occurred by the courts and Guess denies and wrongdoing of any sort
  • The class action settlement will apply to anyone person who received a text message on their phone from Guess between October 16, 2013 and November 8, 2016
  • For this settlement, the proof of settlement is quite simple, as the only eligible people are people who received a text message, therefore phone number verification will be used
  • The lawsuit which was between Haghayeghi v. Guess? Inc. alleges that text messages were sent to without appropriate customer consent prior to the sending of the messages

It is possible you have received notification via email or postcard if you are a part of this class action suit.  If you are part of the settlement class (i.e. you received a text message from Guess during the aforementioned dates) you can complete a claim form which will allow you to proceed with the settlement.  Claimants are eligible to receive either $15 payment or a $30 Guess store voucher.  The choice of settlement is up to the person filing the claim for settlement.  People who elect to receive the Guess voucher will receive twice as much funds if they are planning to make future purchases at Guess – this is an important fact to consider in regards to your settlement options when you are filing for your claim.

Additional Information About this Settlement:

  • In order to begin the claim process you will need to provide the reference number which was included in your settlement notification
  • In addition to the reference number, you will also need to provide the cell phone number to which the text message was sent
  • The deadline to submit a claim, exclude yourself or object to the settlement is March 10th, 2017