Lawsuit – Watts and Floodsafe Water Heater Connector Class Action Settlement

Watts and Floodsafe Water Heater Connector Class Action Settlement:

  • This website reviews the recent finalization of the class action lawsuit Klug vs Watts – it includes settlement information for Watts Water Heater Connectors and Floodsafe Connectors
  • This class action settlement includes replacement of the Watts water heater connector piece, replacement of the Floodsafe connector, or possible reimbursement for property damage
  • The class action suit applies to anyone who owners either the water heater connector or Floodsafe connector or individuals who have experienced water damage due to these devices
  • This settlement includes replacement of up to 2 water heater connectors and 2 Floodsafe connectors per household

The class action suit between the parties Klug vs Watts was not settled by the US Courts system.  Rather than having this go through the court process, a settlement was reached in which Watts claims no wrong doing.  If you do not currently own either of the items which are central to this settlement, it is important to recall if you have had property damage which may have been the result of one of these connectors.  It is possible you may no longer have the piece in question but you may still be able to verify what the cause of failure was had you sustained damage.  If you have proof such as photographs or receipts these may be helpful to process your property settlement payment.  The settlement provides 25% reimbursement for damages which may have occurred so you will need to provide information regarding the costs of repairs.

Additional Information about this class action settlement:

  • March 7th, 2017 is the final date to exclude yourself from this settlement.  It is also the final date to object to the settlement.
  • If you are unsure if you device is part of the settlement, the settlement website provides photographs and instructions to identify specific products affected by this settlement