Promotional – Amazon Shopping with Citi ThankYou Rewards

Amazon Shopping with Citi ThankYou Rewards:

  • Citi Credit Card holders can visit this website to link their ThankYou Points with their Amazon account which will allow shopping to be completed using ThankYou Reward Points
  • In order to link your accounts you will need to have an active Citi Credit Card with Thank You Rewards as well as an active Amazon account – these two accounts will be synced together
  • ThankYou rewards allow consumers to select from various reward options – if you are a frequent Amazon customer it may be very convenient to link your accounts
  • If you wish to check your rewards points prior to enrolling you will need to log in to your Citi ThankYou account.  You cannot view this information through your Amazon account

Credit Card reward programs are very common these days.  In fact, many experts have suggested that the main reason consumers choose a credit card is primarily based on the rewards program which is associated with the card.  Credit card companies are continually competing to earn customers and as a result the rewards have become more and more competitive.  One aspect of a rewards program is how convenient it is to use for the things you enjoy and frequently use.  To meet this demand, ThankYou Rewards has teamed up with Amazon to allow their customers to directly apply their reward points to future Amazon purchases.

Additional Information about Citi ThankYou Rewards Amazon Shopping:

  • ThankYou points are earned by using your Citi Credit Card – cards often vary in the reward points they provide so be sure to check with your specific rewards program for accrual info
  • This program applies to eligible Citi Credit cards only.  You will need to check to see if your card is eligible for this program
  • When you shop with your points on Amazon the deduction will be reflected in your ThankYou Account summary