Lawsuit – Revlon DNA Advantage Class Action Settlement

Revlon DNA Advantage Class Action Settlement:

  • Consumers who purchased Revlon products which were part of the DNA Advantage line of products may be part of this class action settlement (final hearing pending)
  • To be a part of this settlement, class member must file their claim online or by mail before June 5th, 2017 or they will not be eligible to participate in the final settlement
  • Revlon maintains that there was no wrongdoing but have reached a preliminary settlement agreement to avoid a lengthy and potentially costly legal venture
  • The settlement website was setup to provide potential class members with information regarding the lawsuit and also provides a link to file a claim online

This class action settlement has reached a preliminary settlement which occurred on March 29th, 2017.  This is not a final settlement.  The final hearing will be on August 1st, 2017 at which time a judge will review the case to make a final determination.  Claims cannot be submitted all the way up until the final settlement.  If your claim is not filed by the deadline of June 5th, 2017 you will be removed from the settlement class.  Claim forms can be submitted online or you can print a blank claim form which can be completed and mailed in.  As part of the settlement Revlon has agreed to discontinue the production of the DNA Advantage line of products and eligible claims may be entitled to a cash settlement pending the final hearing.

Additional Information Regarding the Revlon DNA Advantage Class Action Lawsuit:

  • At this time there is no date for payments on claims – until the final hearing and any appeals have been completed this will remain the case
  • Each claimant will receive $3 per claim and can make up to 3 claims for products purchased which will be a total of up to $9 eligible to each person in the class