Educational – Kroger Associates GreatPeople Login Page

Kroger Associates GreatPeople Login Page:

  • is the login page for Kroger employees which provides relevant news and information tailored to associates
  • To login, employees will be asked to provide their Enterprise User ID – this is the same Enterprise ID employees use for other login systems within the Kroger work environment
  • This website is available for login for Kroger employees and stores within the Kroger family such as Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, and Smith’s
  • Once you provide your Enterprise ID you will also need to provide your password to complete both login fields and access your account

Employees are often provided easy access to work related news and information and this website is designed for Kroger employees to provide them with a convenient way to remotely log in to their account and access the information they need 24/7.  Once logged in your will have access to up to date news and information related to your Kroger employment.  Kroger provides jobs for over 400,000 employees across all of their brands so it only makes sense that they would take the time to design an easy to use and convenient way for employee access.

If are having trouble logging in because you are not sure what your Enterprise ID it is important to remember that this is the same ID you use for logging in to other employee systems.  If you are still unsure of your ID you will likely need to contact your supervisor or someone in the IT department to resolve this issue.

Additional Information Regarding Kroger GreatPeople Login Page:

  • If you are attempting to reset your password you can do so by providing your Enterprise ID and following the steps to reset your password
  • Once you have provided your ID and your password you can then click the sign in link to access your account