Credit – Citi Premier Credit Card Offer

Citi Premier Credit Card Offer:

Citi Bank provides a whole host of credit card options to their customers such as cash back cards, reward travel cards, and store branded cards.  On occasion, customers will receive offers in the mail for various credit cards and financing options.  If you have received an offer for a Citi Premier Credit Card you can visit the application page to begin the process of applying for a new credit card.  The Citi ThankYou Premier Card is a premium rewards cards which allows cardholders to earn ThankYou points which can be redeemed for tons of different reward options.  When deciding what kind of credit card you are interested in opening, it is important to think about what type of spending you will be doing with your card.  The Premier Card specifically rewards consumers who spend more on travel so this is something to consider when searching for a new credit card option.

Additional Details Regarding The Citi Thank You Premier Card and Mail Offer:

  • If you have received a mail offer for the Premier Card and would like to apply for this credit card it is important to retain the offer as you will need to enter the invitation code found on the invitation to apply
  • Once you visit the invitation page you will need to enter the invitation number and your last name – this will allow you to access your credit application
  • Premier Cardholders will earn 3x Thank You Points on travel (including gas purchases), 2x points on Dining and Entertainment, and 1x points on all other purchases made with your card
  • The Citi Premier Card has a $95 annual fee and some offers for this credit card may allow cardholders to have the first year waived

There are many things to consider when deciding on a new credit card but chief among them should be how you plan to spend on your card and what you would like to get out of any potential rewards the card provides.  Reward Credit Cards often come with new cardholder bonuses – the Premier is no different, cardholders may be eligible for bonus points when spending requirements are met (for instance, current offers provide 30,000 points when $3,000 are spent in the first three month).