Promotional – Biofreeze Peel Off Special Offer

Biofreeze Peel Off Special Offer:

Biofreeze is a popular topical pain relief solution which is well know in part due for its endorsement/advertising by Drew Brees.  If you have purchases one of their products you may find that there is an offer available for using their products in conjunction with a professional provider such as a occupational therapist, sports therapist, or chiropractor.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this Biofreeze offer there are several steps you have to complete but ultimately you will receive a free gift (a bonus Biofreeze).  The first step of the process will be completed online and is simply visiting the offer website to review the process and print off your form (this will be needed in later steps).  Once you have printed your form you can then find a provider near you which participates in the offer to continue with the process.

Details Regarding The Biofreeze Bonus Offer Promotion:

  • This promotion is for consumers who are interested in combining the relief they receive with Biofreeze along with the services provided by a professional – a find a professional search tool is available to find someone near you who participates
  • Once you have printed your offer form and set up your appointment you will need to complete the form with the requested information and then provide the receipt from your visit
  • You will need to inform your provider that you are visiting as part of this offer (you can just tell them that Biofreeze sent you) so that they are aware your visit will be used for the offer
  • With your completed form and receipt (with your provider information included on receipt) you can send you form to receive your bonus offer of Biofreeze

Biofreeze has two options available – the standard Biofreeze is available at local stores and can be purchases by anyone but the Professional version is only available through a healthcare provider.  When using any medical product or when treating any suspected condition it is always important to review with a doctor or other healthcare professional to determine what may be best for your ailments.