Credit Financial – USAA Replacement of MasterCard to Visa Accounts

USAA Replacement of MasterCard to Visa Accounts:

  • Throughout 2016 USAA is in the process of replacing all MasterCard accounts with USAA Visa Accounts for cardholders
  • During the rollover additional information will be provided to consumers regarding their credit card details such as interest rate and rewards/cash back
  • Current cardholders will be notified online either by email or through online notification when logging in to your current USAA Credit Card online account
  • In the meantime, current USAA Mastercard holders can continue to use their cards – the notice receive will inform you when your current account will close

USAA is a large financial institution located in the great state of Texas.  The company provides services to over 11 million members accross the United States who have served, or who have family who have served, in the United States Military.  USAA provides services such as auto and property insurance, loan and banking services, investing services such as 401K management, and health insurance options.  USAA had previously provided Mastercard Credit Account to members but these accounts are in the process of being converted to Visa Credit Card Accounts.

This switch will happen without you need to initiate anything.  You will be notified several weeks prior to the switch and until your old account is closed you can continue to use your current credit card.   USAA reports that the new credit card will provide better features and that members will benefit from this new partnership with Visa.

Additional Information about the USAA switch to Visa Credit Cards:

  • Upon receipt of your new card you will need to activate the credit card and set up the new billing information for your Visa Account
  • If you have automatic billing associated with your current MasterCard account you will need to update this to reflect the new information on your Visa Card
  • Your new card will have a new credit card number, a new expiration date, and will continue to have the same USAA Zero Liability policy for fraudulent purchases