Financial – Bank of America Mobile and Online Banking Money Transfer

Bank of America Mobile and Online Banking Money Transfer:

  • Bank of America Customers can visit this website to view options available to them for easily sending money from their account to other accounts and other BOA users
  • The Bank of America Application is available for iOS and Android operating systems and allows users to easily manage their account and send money between accounts
  • Sending money through Bank of America is very simple and allows users to send money, request money, and split bills all through electronic transfers
  • If you have already signed up for Bank of America online banking you can sign in to your account using your BOA username and password

There are many options available for electronically transferring money these days but many consumers do not want to have to migrate to a new platform to transfer money.  If you are already a Bank of America customer you may not need to create an account with other money transfer services.  Using your account, you can easily transfer money electronically between  your own accounts, between other accounts and requests for funds can be made to others as well.

Your money transfers will be linked directly to your Bank of America account so when you transfer funds the change will be reflected in your account balance.  This will allow you to stay on top of your finances even if you are sending and receiving money very frequently.

More Information about the Bank of America Money Transfer Services:

  • Bank of America provides security guarantees for your bank account whether through online access or through the mobile application
  • The Bank of America mobile application is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 10 devices
  • Bank of America provides customers with banking options such as checking accounts, savings account, credit and debit card and loan services


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