Financial – MYZONE Effort Points

My Zone Moves

  • Get in shape with the MYZONE fitness belt personal effort monitor
  • Earn MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) for every minute of activity performed
  • All fitness data is stored in the user’s very own cloud account

MYZONE is a fitness tracker that has come up with a revolutionary new metric for monitoring activity—Effort Points. Yes, for every minute of activity registered by the fitness belt, users will accrue MEPs that help measure the user’s overall physical fitness. The system takes into account the user’s maximum heart rate across five intensity zones, and it even tracks values such as weight, muscle mass, calories burned, body fat and duration of activity. MYZONE utilizes bio impedance scales to help monitor this activity. But aside from the technical specs, the premise is a simple one: the more effort the user puts in, the more MEPs he or she earns. And the more physically fit he or she becomes.

How MYZONE works

  • Attach the MYZONE fitness belt around your waist
  • Real-time data displays in the gym, and it records all other fitness data outside of it
  • Exercise data regularly uploads at MYZONE facilities
  • Users will receive an email summary of their exercise following the MYZONE data upload
  • Users can check their results anytime online

Those who do decide to get moving and earn MEPs will first need to register their belt. This is an easy process that can be completed online. (See below.) Simply click on the “register your belt” icon, select your language, and enter the requisite info. This will include such data as MYZONE facility code, email address and belt ID. Once the belt is registered, users will have access to a personal account which stores and displays all fitness info received by the MYZONE fitness belt.

Contacting MYZONE