Financial – Bank Of America Sign In Online Services

Bank Of America Online Banking Sign In

  • Access a BOA online account with an online ID
  • Customers who do not have an account will have to register
  • The service is operated by Bank of America Corporation who are member FDIC
  • Online banking with BOA is a FREE service
  • Bank Of America has recently added the ability to send money online to friends and family members through their online banking service

The BOA online service offers FAQS in the form of videos to help the customer better understand and make use of the free service.  BOA strongly encourages anyone with a smart phone to download the Mobile Banking app (for Android and Apple Store users) to access on the go banking that can be checked anywhere at anytime with WIFI access.  Please note mobile banking by BOA REQUIRES Data connection & Wireless carrier fees may apply based on location/carrier.

Useful tools associated with Bank Of America Banking Online?

  • View all accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds (there may be additional charges for transferring funds to or from a non BOA account)
  • Set goals (i.e. save $50 each month)
  • Track spending (i.e. spending too much on gas)

Customers can sleep sound at night knowing Bank of America was named Best in Class in identity-fraud protection by Javelin 2014 Identity Safety AND customers are not liable for fraudulent Online Banking transactions when they notify the bank within 60 days of the transaction first appearing on the statement.

Who or what is Bank Of America

  • The “King Kong” of banks in the United States with assets over $2 trillion US dollars
  • Based in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Founded by Amadeo Giannini

Mr. Amadeo Peter Giannini (aka A.P. Giannini) came to the United States seeking a fortune in gold via the great California gold rush but ended up starting one of the largest banks every created in the US.