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Sign Up To Drive

  • Provide your contact information with Uber to begin the registration process for employment
  • Learn about the benefits which come with Uber employment
  • Uber allow drivers to choose their schedule which puts you in control of your potential earnings

Uber is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.  Their popularity is due to many factors not the least being the flexibility which is provided to their employees.  Many Uber employees only work several hours per week because they have other obligations; both work and personal.   As an independent contractor you are free to set your own work schedule which best fits your personal schedule.  You have no boss and work when you want – flexibility like this is difficult to find for part time employment.

How Uber Works

  • Users must download the Uber application on their smartphone which allows them to set up an Uber Account
  • Create a personal Uber Account (requires basic contact information)
  • Enter payment method which will sync to your account – major credit cards accepted
  • Uber will have access to your location through the app allowing them to send drivers when you need a ride
  • No cash is exchanged – Uber uses the payment information already associated with your account

Uber is available in hundreds of cities in the United States (as well as a quickly growing global presence abroad).  You can check their website to see if services are available in your area – they are always expanding.  Uber is available on most smartphones (Android, Windows Phone, and iOS) which allows it to reach millions of users across the globe.  Uber also allows users to choose from multiple types of services including the standard UberX (sedan), Uber SUV (when larger crowds are being transported) all the way up to Uber Lux (Luxury pick up vehicle).