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Nextdoor Join

  • Sing up for the new social network entitled Nextdoor – an online social network for neighbors
  • Nextdoor is the free private social network designed for neighborhood communities
  • Primary use is for neighborhood watch programs and netoworking with others in your immediate community
  • Nirav Tolia is the CEO and founder of Nextdoor
  • Founded in 2012 and has grown to service millions of individuals

The sign up process should only take about 5 minutes to complete and a valid email address is required (omit the email address if signing up through Facebook).  In order to join Nextdoor the user must be a neighbor in the area they are attempting to join.  Besides helping make the area a better place to live it also allows neighbors to start threads which enables neighbors to talk to each other online.  There are over 100,00 neighoborhoods across the United States which participate in the Nextdoor Program.  This new social networking idea allows members to communicate with people directily in their living area to discuss and cordinate ideas which are important to the inhabitants of that neighborhood.

Nextdoor Social Network

  • Competes mainly with Yelp and Yahoo Groups
  • The firm is pre revenue (aka not making a dime)
  • Has raised around $20 million in venture capital funding

The site requires people to input their real name and addresses in order to confirm they are actually a part of the neighborhood they are attempting to sign up for.  Nextdoor also claims that nothing posted to the site will be indexed by Google or any other search engine in an attempt to keep ALL information private to the neighborhood.  In order to sign up you will need to register with an invite code and provide your area zip code.  Once this is completed you will add your personal details to complete the sign up process.