Financial – My Gem Credit Online Credit Account

My Gem Credit Online Credit Account:

  • If you have opened up a Gem Credit Account you can visit the Gem Credit Online Account page to manage your account and register new accounts
  • For customers who have already register with Gem Credit you can log in using your Username and Password to access your account settings and manage your credit profile
  • Gem Credit customers who have not yet registered their account will need to navigate to the registration link and provide information to set up a new account
  • Creating an online account allows consumers to access their balance 24/7 and manage their account payments – payments can be viewed online and past payments are shown

Many retailers provide financing options for large purchases and the Gem Account is a line of credit offered to Zales customers who would like to take advantage of their special financing offers.  To qualify for the Gem Credit financing you will need to inquire at the time of your purchase.  New lines of credit generally require a credit history review prior to approval so it is recommended that if you are applying for any new line of credit you have thoroughly reviewed you credit profile.

Once you have been approved for a Gem Credit account you can register for online access to your account.  Once you are registered for online access your entire Gem Credit account can be managed online.  Simply log in using your Gem Credit credentials and you can quickly access account balance, recent payments, and profile settings.

Additional Information Regarding the Gem Credit Online Account:

  • To access your online account you will need to have a compatible browser (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and an active internet connection
  •  Once your online account has been created you can review past payment information as well as manage all of your future payment options