Financial – Meijer Prepaid Visa Card

Meijer Prepaid Visa Card:

  • Visitors to this website can login to their existing Meijer Prepaid Visa Account, Register for a new account, Activate a new card or put in a request to open a new account
  • The Prepaid Visa Card offered by Meijer functions similar to a debit card in that the funds available for purchase are loaded on to your account prior to making purchases with your card
  • Meijer Prepaid Visa Cards are eligible for direct deposit which allows consumers to anticipate fund availability based on expected deposits from paychecks, tax refunds or government benefits
  • This prepaid card can be used anywhere where Visa is accepted and is issued by Republic Bank and Trust Company

Prepaid Cards are becoming a very popular financial tool in this day and age.  Many consumers are tired of hearing the horror stories of credit card debt which has become a major source of frustration and financial burden for many families.  Unlike credit cards, prepaid cards use existing funds which are available on the card at the time of purchase.  This means that there is no debt accumulated by the card – you only spend what you put on the card.

Funds can be loaded onto your card at any Meijer location or at any eligible reload location.  Please note that certain reload locations may have a fee associated with them.  Other benefits of the Meijer re-loadable card include the direct deposit feature which can allow for fund availability sooner than would otherwise be available.

Additional information about the Meijer Prepaid Visa:

  • There is an app available for the prepaid card which allows 24/7 access to your account to view balance, recent transactions, and more
  • Login to your prepaid card account will require a username and password which must be set up prior to accessing your online account management tools