Credit – The Union Plus Credit Cards

The Union Plus Credit Cards:

  • The Union Plus Credit Card is a credit card designed for Union members which is offered by Capital One and MasterCard
  • There are three different credit cards available for customers to choose from – cardholders can opt for either the Cash Rewards Card, The Rate Advantage Card, or the Primary Access Card
  • All three of these cards also come with the backing of Hardship Grants which are available under certain circumstances and provide cash at times of hardship which is not paid back
  • Each card requires a credit check and approval prior to issuance – this is standard for any credit card application or new line of credit

The Union Plus Credit Card is a unique set credit card s which allow great flexibility to the consumer to make their choice as to what type of card they would like to have.  The Cash Reward Card is designed for cardholders who like to receive cash back for their purchases.  Cardholders will receive 1.5% back on all purchases made with their credit card.  The Rate Advantage Card provides a longer introductory period of 0% interest and has a lower interest rate after this period.  The Primary Access Card is designed for approval for individuals with less than excellent credit.

One very unique feature of all of these credit cards is the Hardship Grant.  It is not common you hear a credit card is offering cardholders an opportunity for a grant which requires no payments in return.  There are several circumstances which qualify individuals for this grant and is intended for times of hardship only.

Additional Information about this Credit Card:

  • Eligibility for hardship grant requires an active account which is in good standing and is at least 3 months old
  • All of these offered credit cards feature no annual fee and your total credit limit will be decided based on credit history and the type of card you elect to apply for