Financial login – Continental Finance Credit Cards

Continental Finance Credit Cards:

  • Continental Finance Company offers a range of credit card options which focus on credit offers for individuals with less than perfect credit history (or a less than perfect credit score)
  • When visiting the main webpage for Continental Finance, cardholders will need to select their specific card to gain online access to their credit card account and manage their card online
  • Selecting the card portal option will allow you to choose your card – if you have already created an account you can proceed to logging in using your username and password
  • Creating a new account is an easy process but will require you to have your credit card available in order to provide your credit card information to verify your identity

There are many companies which specialize in credit offers for individuals who may have had past mistakes with their credit profiles.  One of the troubling issues for people who have had blemishes on their credit reports is that it becomes difficult to build back great credit because they are unable to get any credit in the first place.  This is a challenging dilemma but companies like Continental Finance have designed credit cards to give consumers the opportunity to more easily obtain approval and begin the process of rebuilding their credit scores and taking back control of their financial future.  Continental Finance provides a wide range of credit card options such as the Verve MasterCard and the Reflex MasterCard.

Additional Information about Continental Finance Company:

  • If you are attempting to accept a mailed offer for a credit card you can navigate from the homepage to select the specific card you were offered by mail
  • Once your account has been created you will have 24/7 access to all of the online features of your credit card – view recent transactions, set up payments and more