Educational Financial – Geico Ridesharing Insurance Quotes

Geico Ridesharing Insurance Quotes:

  • Customers interested in receiving a quote for Geico Ridesharing Insurance can visit the webpage to begin the quote process
  • Coverage for ridesharing services vary so it is important that commercial drivers are properly covered if they are transporting passengers as a paid service
  • The first step of the process will be to include the zip code which you work out of – this will allow you to get a quote customized for your location as insurance rates can vary by location
  • Once you provide your zip code you will then be directed to a webpage which will ask further information to determine what type of coverage you require

Ridesharing companies (such as Uber and Lyft) and on demand delivery services (such as Grubhub) are becoming very popular both for consumers but also for individuals who have decided to work for these companies whether on a full time or part time basis.  The car insurance you have may not provide proper coverage unless you have specifically been quoted for ridesharing or on demand delivery type of coverage.

When visiting the Geico ridesharing webpage you can find a link which will provide a list of all states which Geico offers this coverage.  It is encouraged that you check back if your state is not listed and you are actively searching for new coverage.

Additional Information about Geico Ridesharing Quote Webpage:

  • Individual car insurance coverage (traditional coverage that all drivers must have) typically excludes hired driving so be sure to check your coverage prior to working out of your automobile
  • Geico Ridesharing insurance coverage is a separate policy however there are circumstances where drivers may be eligible for hybrid policies which provide ridesharing and traditional coverage
  • Geico ridesharing coverage may provide savings over traditional commercial policies such as taxi driver insurance


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