Financial – APS Physicians Billing Online Payment Access

APS Physicians Billing Online Payment Access:

  • If you have received medical services and your bill directed you to this payment website you can access the site by agreeing to the terms and then proceeding with bill payment
  • Once you have entered the bill payment section of the website (must agree to terms beforehand) you will then be asked to provide your billing info including your account number
  • Your account number can be found on the billing information you received and will need to be provided if you wish to make  your payment online through the billing payment portal
  • During the payment process you can select what payment method you would like to use – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are all accepted forms of payment

Many medical providers are providing patients with a fast and easy way to make their payments online without having to send a check through the mail or other burdensome payment methods.  APS Physician Billing allows customers to make their medical payments through this online payment system.  In order to use this service your billing statement indicate that you need to visit this page to make online payment.  Once you have arrived at the billing page, you will be asked to enter the billing account number which is found on y our billing statement and enter your date of birth – you will need to retain your billing statement for the account number because without that number, you will not be able to access your bill online.

More Details Regarding the APS Medical Billing Payment Portal:

  • If you are making payment with a Healthcare Savings Account of a Flexible Spending Account you will need the account details available to issue payment
  • Partial payments can be issued when applicable if you are unable to make the full balance payment – be sure to continue issuing payments to avoid payments going to collection