Credit – IKEA Projekt Credit Cards

IKEA Projekt Credit Cards:

  • Consumers who have been approved for the newly offered IKEA Projekt Card can access their account through Comenity Online Account Management
  • If you have already registered your new IKEA Credit Card for online access you can easily log in by providing your username and password in the requested field
  • Online access can be set up for the first time by following the registration link and providing your credit card account number, your zip code, and verification field
  • Once you have access your account online you can manage your bill payment settings, view your account balance/recent transactions, and manage your profile settings

The IKEA Projekt Credit Card Store Financing:

IKEA Stores are now offering consumers the opportunity to apply for a IKEA Credit Card which provides financing options and reward programs for customers who may be interested in charging their purchase to a store card.  In addition to the IKEA Projekt Store Card, there is also an IKEA Projekt Visa Credit Card which allows customers to make purchases on their IKEA Card anywhere Visa Credit Cards are accepted.  This allows consumers to earn rewards for future IKEA purchases with their non-IKEA purchases (but you will still receive the best reward percentage for purchases made with your card at IKEA).

Details Regarding The IKEA Projekt Store Card and Visa Card: 

  • The IKEA Projekt Card is designed for large purchases over $5,000 and provides 4.99% APR for the first 60 months financing with your purchase
  • Consumers who use the IKEA Visa Credit Card will earn 5% rewards on IKEA purchases, 3% back on dining, grocery, and utility, and 1% back on all other purchases
  • Current promotions for the IKEA Visa Card also include $25 off your first instore purchase with your card and a $25 Bonus Rewards Certificate once $500 has been charged outside of IKEA
  • Both credit cards have no annual fee and both accounts can be managed through the Comenity Online Account Management website once registered for online access