Financial – Registering Bluebird by Walmart and American Express

Bluebird Alternitve to Banking by Walmart and American Express:

  • Bluebird cardholders can visit this website to begin the registration process of their Bluebird account to activate the full benefits of their account
  • Bluebird is a prepaid account/card which allows customers to load funds on to the card which can then be spent directly or funds can be withdrawn at ATMs
  • There are multiple ways to load funds on to a Bluebird account such as free reloads at Walmart locations, linking a debit card to your account, or direct paycheck deposit
  • If you purchased a temporary card from a Walmart location you can use this to begin the activation and registration process prior to receiving your permanent card

Bluebird is a service provide by American Express which allows customers to have immediate access to funds which are loaded in to their account for direct use.  Unlike a credit card, the funds must be available in order to use so consumers do not accrue debt on their card.  Also, unlike a debit card, your card is not linked directly to your bank account which can provide an additional layer of protection.  Many customers are opting for prepaid accounts such as Bluebird for the convenience and security they provide.

One of the most appreciated features customers enjoy with the Bluebird account is the ability to link their paycheck to their account.  This direct deposit method may qualify you to be able to receive your paycheck funds earlier than you would from receiving a traditional paycheck that must be deposited in to an account.

Additional Information about Bluebird and Bluebird Account Registration:

  • Customers enjoy free ATM withdraws from over 24,000 Money Pass ATMs – locations of these ATMs can be found online
  • When registering a new account you will be asked to provide your temporary account number, security code and your personal contact information to create a new account
  • The Bluebird app is available on Android and iOS and allows you to manage many of the features of your account directly from your smart phone or app device


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