Tech – Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video:

  • Powered by Amazon – this is an video on demand service which is compatible with most devices capable of streaming video
  • Amazon Instant Video provides streaming video as well as purchasable video downloads
  • Amazon Instant video provides additional content if you are already an Amazon Prime membership

Amazon is expanding their reach in to the video on demand service.  Like other competitors, this Application based service requires a device which is capable of connecting to the internet and capable of streaming video content.  Common devices which meet these requirements would include an Internet Ready Smart TV, Internet Ready Media Device (BluRay Player, etc), Gaming Consoles (both last generation and current generation gaming consoles are compatible), as well as devices such as Google Chrome or Roku.  Using one of these (or any other compatible option) users must download the Amazon App and access the video streaming section to register their device.

How To Register Your Device

  • Download the Amazon app to your internet ready device
  • Sign in to the app and access the video streaming section of the application
  • Once accessed for the first time, you will be provided with a registration code – this code allows you to sync your account with your device
  • Access your account online and enter your unique code
  • Provide your contact information as well as a valid payment method so that app video purchases can be made

Amazon Instant Video is a growing feature Amazon is offering customers.  There is a growing amount of original content which is only featured through Amazon Video including TV Series and special features.   If you are already an Amazon Prime Member you will have access to additional video selections at no additional expense.  Amazon Video is set up for HD (1080p) streaming by default when internet speeds allow for this (this is dependent on  your internet service).