Tech – Best Buy Remote Support Agent Connector

Best Buy Remote Support Agent Connector:

  • Best Buy customers can visit this webpage if they are receiving remote support through a Best Buy customer support agent
  • To activate a remote session customers will need need to enter the remote access code provided by the Best Buy technician and can then connect to the session
  • It is important to keep in mind that Best Buy agents will never initiate a telephone call – only customers can initiate a call for security purposes
  • If you have not yet started a help session with a Best Buy or Geek Squad customer support agent you can also navigate to the chat link which will allow you to start a new session

Best Buy provides a variety of customer support and customer help options for their customers.  If you have begun a help session with Best Buy Geek Squad and you need to begin a remote access session you will need to visit this website to begin the process.  One you have loaded the webpage, your customer service agent will provide you with a code which once entered will initiate your remote access session to provide additional assistance in troubleshooting an issue.

In addition to the remote access service, customers can also begin a live chat session.  This feature is available 24/7 and provides customer support to answer your tech questions.  Customer support services are provided by Best Buy Agent and Geek Squad to further assist individuals with their Best Buy purchases and services.

Additional Information about Best Buy Customer Support:

  • In order to begin a chat session you will need to provide an email address prior to connecting to an agent
  • If you are attempting to join a chat session with your customer support agent who has provided you with a PIN you can navigate to the link to allow you to enter an agent PIN


1 (888) 237-8289