Tech – Dropbox Login

Dropbox Login:

  • Login to access your Dropbox account
  • Allows you to manage your files and account settings from your computer, tablet or smartphone browser
  • Allows users to create free account if no account has yet to be registered

Dropbox is a growing file sharing service which allows users to conveniently and securely share any type of file and even share large sized files.  Once an account is created, you can access your account and files through the Dropbox Application.  This application allows users to access their files on any device without having to transfer the file itself; simply log in to your Dropbox on the device you desire to open your file and the file will be available.  This technology also allows users to share files with friends, family, co-workers, etc.  Once a file is uploaded, you can request a link to the file which will then be available to share with others – simply send the text link via email, text, etc and the file can be accessed by anyone.

Features of Dropbox:

  • Store any type of file – video, pictures, word documents, spreadsheets – whatever your needs
  • Your files will automatically sync to your account and access is available from any device which supports Dropbox
  • Dropbox allows access to files while offline
  • Create shared folders with other users to collaborate and share files which require multiple people’s input
  • Security and file recovery so that you never lose your important documents again

To sign up for Dropbox you need a device which supports the application – most any internet connected Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer is sufficient.  Once an account is created using your basic contact information you will then have access to Dropbox File Sharing.  Dropbox is a free file sharing service which also offers for pay options if your file sharing needs extend beyond their standard services.