Educational – Amazon Online Benefits Enrollment Tool

Amazon Online Benefits Enrollment Tool:

  • Amazon employees and employees of Amazon subsidiaries can visit this website to begin their benefits enrollment process with Amazon
  • In order to log in to begin your enrollment process, employees will need to enter their Amazon ID (specific to the employee) and their unique password
  • It is important to note that your benefits enrollment ID is not linked to your work password – two separate passwords are created for the individual accounts
  • Employees must first set up their employee benefits account before they can log in to their benefits enrollment – once completed employees will have full access to their online benefits account

Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world.  They are know for their online presence as a provider of goods and services.  Amazon Prime is a well known feature offered by this company which has expanded their presence in the retail world and the instant streaming media world.  With these kind of developments, Amazon has a constant need for growth of new employees and their benefits reflect the standard employees seek when looking for work.  Competitive benefits package are an essential requisite for job seeking employees across the country as they are interested in protecting their health benefits, retirement benefits and more.

Additional Information about Amazon and Amazon Online Benefits:

  • If an employee has lost their password or forgotten their password they can visit this website to begin the reset process which will allow you to select a new password
  • In order to begin this process you will need to provide your Amazon ID – the Amazon employee ID can be found on your employee badge right above the photo of the employee
  • To continue the password reset process you will need to enter  the last 4 digits of your social security number, your home zip code and your full date of birth