Educational – United Airlines Basic Economy Travel Information

United Airlines Basic Economy Travel Information:

  • United Airlines is introducing a new travel class for seats, Basic Economy, which are explained on the main Basic Economy information page for United Airlines
  • These seats are designed to keep cost in mind above all else, therefore they do come with some restrictions that are not otherwise seen when purchasing a ticket with United Airlines
  • The full details of the Basic Economy seats can be reviewed but it is important to know that customers will still receive many of the same inflight amenities they expect when flying United
  • United Airlines flies to destinations across the world and you can review what seat options are available when purchasing your airplane tickets with United Airlines

United Airlines is one of most traveled airlines in the United States.  This airline provides a variety of ticket options for customers and have recently introduced the Basic Economy option which provides tickets at a lower cost to customers whose primary concern when purchasing tickets is cost (which happens to be one of the biggest concerns of most travelers).  Unlike some United Airlines tickets, there are some restrictions on the Basic Economy tickets.  For instance, seat selection and upgrades are not available for Basic Economy purchases.  Your seat will be assigned during the purchase process and cannot be changed once you have received your seat assignment.

More Information Regarding the United Airlines Basic Economy Seating:

  • United Airlines 24 Hour Flexible Booking is still available for Basic Economy Seating – this allows all seating options to be changed within 24 hours of making your flight purchase
  • Group and family seating options are not available for Basic Economy seating – seats will be assigned and cannot be selected when purchasing your ticket
  • A full sized carry on is not permitted but you are allowed to bring a small carry on personal item