Educational Financial – Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program

Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program:

  • If you or your agency is already regirsted with the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate program you can log in to your account through the main Expedia TAAP webpage
  • To access your online account you will need to provide the email address you registered during the sign up process as well as the password your created for your account
  • If you are attempting to register your travel agency for the first time you will need to complete the registration process which will require your agency information
  • Once you have successfully registered your agency you can then begin earning commissions through the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliation Program

Expedia is one of the biggest travel websites there is.  Anyone who has booked a flight, hotel, or other travel reservations online have potentially explored costs through Expedia.  The Expedia TAAP program is designed to allow travel agents to continue providing their clients with great travel options which making use of the services Expedia provides.  Commissions can be earned once you have successfully register your agency through the Expedia TAAP program.

Most travel bookings take place online which means the traditional travel agent is now finding new ways to assist their clients through online resources.  Customers can book vacation packages, hotels, airfare and car rentals through Expedia which can all be done in association with the TAAP program to earn travel agents commissions.

Highlights of the Expedia TAAP and Expedia Travel Bookings:

  • Commission percentages can be viewed online – for example, an agency booking through the TAAP program would receive 5% commission on a vacation package sale with a minimum 3 night stay
  • Only travel agencies which are incorporated within the laws of the US will be eligible for the TAAP program through Expedia
  • TAAP program participating agents will have access to dedicated support staff for customer service questions