Credit Financial – American Express Credit Card Referral Program

American Express Credit Card Referral Program:

  • American Express Credit Card holders can visit the refer a friend page, log in to their account, and view what kind of referral offers they have available to share
  • There are two ways you can log in to your AMEX account online – you can use your username and password or your can use your credit card account information to log in
  • To complete the referral process you will need to provide the name and email address of the person you are referring and they will then be provided with a referral link to apply
  • Once your friend has been approved after using the referral link provided you can expect to see your referral bonus within about 8 weeks of the referral being approved

Many businesses believe strongly that the best advertising is word of mouth.  American Express provides their cardholders with a referral program where they can provide their friends referrals which allow them to earn rewards if their referral is approved for a card.  During the referral process it is very important to keep in mind that the person you are referring must use the referral link they are provided in their email from American Express in order for you to receive your referral bonus.

American Express provides consumers with many ways to earn rewards.  Most cards will provides rewards for using your cards which can be redeemed for rewards such as cash back offers and travel rewards.  The AMEX refer a friend is another way consumers can earn rewards by being an American Express cardholder.

More Information Regarding the American Express Referral Program:

  • In order to refer a friend you must be an American Express cardholder – referrals cannot be made to individuals who do not have an AMEX credit card
  • Once you have provided your friends referral information they will receive an offer via email so it is wise to give your referral a heads up to be on the look out for this email if they are interested in applying


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