Survey – Tell Izzo’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tell Izzo’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • This website allows you to participate in Izzo’s customer satisfaction survey
  • To participate, you will need your Izzo’s receipt with the store number which can be found on the bottom on your receipt
  • Survey must be completed online – internet access will be necessary to participate

Izzo’s Illegal Burritos is a restaurant chain operating in the Southern United States.  It was founded in 2001 near the campus of LSU where it became an instant hit.  Known for their Burritos which allow customers to create their unique burrito from the many options available, Izzo’s became a favorite eating destination and began to expand their operations.   There are now over 17 locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.   Featuring fresh and authentic Mexican food, Izzo’s is a quickly growing food destination throughout the southern United States.

About Izzo’s Illegal Burrito:

  • In addition to Burritos, Izzo’s menu features items such as tacos, burrito bowls, quesadillas and salads
  • You can order online and pick your order up in store ready to go
  • Izzo’s Illegal Burrito offers catering for large events where food is necessary
  • Izzo’s advertises that there are over one million ways to create a burrito!
  • Izzo’s also offers gift cards which can be ordered online

If you recently dined at an Izzo’s Burrito and would be interested in providing your opinion, you can participate in this survey.  Surveys such as this provide valuable feedback to companies which assist them in creating a better experience for customers.