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My Subway Card Gift Card Balance

The SUBWAY Card Rewards Program is a discretionary program available in most BUT not all markets in the United States.  Under this “reward program” loyal Subway customers will receive one (1) Rewards Point for every dollar spent on any SUBWAY menu item (i.e. meatball sub, tuna sub, cookies etc)*.  It should be noted that consumers will not earn Subway reward points on coupons and members will have 36 months to use the points or they will be deemed invalid.

Subway Points Card Quick Hits

  • To register for the My Subway Card please dial 1-877-697-8222
  • Reward points can be used to lower the cost of a menu item
  • Members who register their card after January 1, 2015 will earn a smooth 50 point bonus
  • If for whatever reason the Subway location is NOT able to load Rewards Points into a members account due to technical issues or a power outage the Rewards Points WILL be added retroactively**
  • Reward members will have 90 days to apple for retroactive points from the date of purchase (see more below)
  • Consumers are allowed to purchase 10 cards online
  • Orders of 10+ Subway cards are allowed for large and small businesses looking to reward employees
  • Large corporations looking to make a bulk order should dial 1-888-445-9239 ext. 1273
  • The reward points can only be used on specific menu items at Subway***
  • The maximum value that can be associated with any one SUBWAY Card at any given time is $500.00
  • Subway cards are not allowed to be exchanged for cash
  • If the card is lost or stolen please dial 1-877-697-8222 ASAP
  • A lost or stolen card will be replaced by Subway within 3 weeks

* Rewards Points will be rounded up or down to the nearest dollar (for example a purchase costing $4.49 would earn 4 points while a purchase costing $4.50 would earn 5 points)

** To obtain the retroactive points due to a tech error use the Request Form for Rewards Points

*** A list of menu specific items can be found at the See what your points can get you promotional page

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