Educational – Lennox Product Registration

Lennox Product Registration:

  • Customers who have recently purchased a Lennox product can visit this page to begin the registration process for their newly purchased equipment
  • You will need to have the serial number of your product as well as a valid email address to get started with the process – several other pieces of information will be needed as well
  • By registering your product you will have your product details associated with you and your home or business for easy reference in the event service is needed in the future
  • Registration is not necessary to activate your warranty but you will have easy reference and will be kept up to date with product information with Lennox

Lennox is one of the biggest providers of HVAC systems and consumers who have purchased a Lennox system are encouraged to register their products with Lennox for easy reference and look up in the future.  When registering, some products may be eligible for extended warranties for customers who are interested in additional coverage.  The basic warranty with Lennox is 10 years and some parts may be covered beyond the basic warranty.

Your serial number and product model number will be needed to register your product.  You will also need information such as the date of installation and the name of the contractor or dealer who installed your system.  If there are other Lennox components in your system, you will need the serial numbers and model numbers for these items as well.

Additional Information about Lennox Product Registration:

  • You can begin the registration form by following the link which will begin by requesting you basic contact information
  • You will also need to indicate if this is for a new home, an existing home or a commercial purchase – you will then be requested to provide the details of your specific unit