Banking – National Commercial Bank Activating and Creating PIN

National Commercial Bank Activating and Creating PIN:

When a new credit card or debit card is provided to an individual the card is not immediately available for use as the cardholder must first verify and activate the receipt of their new card.  National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited provides credit cards to their customers which can be activated online.  In order to activate your card online you will need to have a mobile phone number which is up to date and registered with JNCB.  During the activation process you will receive a one time password via your mobile phone which will be used to verify your identity and allow for the activation process.  Once you have completed the activation process your new card will be available for use and you can set up your online banking profile to monitor your account and manage your account.

Details Regarding JNCB and Credit Card Activation:

  • To begin the activation process you will need your card available as the last 6 numbers of your card will need to be entered (to do so you will need to click on the space available on the card graphic)
  • In addition to entering your last 6 of your card you will also need to provide the randomly generated number which will then allow you to move on to card verification
  • If you have not set up a mobile number you will need to contact an activation specialist because your identity is verified using a code sent your mobile number on file with your account
  • Your PIN number will also be set up and created during the verification process which will be used to protect your account

Activating a new card is not always a difficult process thanks to online activation options available.  Almost everyone has access to a computer with internet so there is very little need to hassle yourself with making a complicated phone call when your new JNCB card can be set up online.