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Money FCU

  • Be part of a different kind of financial institution with Money Federal Credit Union
  • Open an account or apply for a loan online
  • Available to anyone in certain New York counties

For nearly 40 years, Money Federal Credit Union has been providing folks living in certain counties in New York an alternative to the traditional banks. In fact, many people are unaware of the difference between credit unions and standard banking institutions. The difference is that credit unions like Money FCU are democratic and not profit driven, which means they can pass on any extra earnings back to the customers in the form of higher interest rates on loans, as well as higher returns on investments. It also means lower fees or, occasionally, no fees at all for various services. That’s what comes with being a not-for-profit financial institution.

Counties in which residents are eligible to open an account with Money Federal Credit Union

  • Onandaga
  • Oswego
  • Cayuga
  • Madison

Those who have a family member with Money FCU are also eligible to open an account. It’s possible to sign up online, and, once enrolled, customers will have access to a host of features, all accessible right from their fingertips. For example, Money FCU allows members to apply for loans and credit cards online via a printable application. There’s also a list of member discounts available right from the home page that features the various savings Money FCU members are entitled to. These include such things as discounts on movie tickets, insurance, seasonal tickets and more.

As for accessibility, Money FCU members aren’t limited to only the New York area. Money FCU has partnerships with some 5,500 shared branches nationwide, meaning members can access their account anywhere through one of these partners.

Contacting Money Federal Credit Union

  • 315-671-4000
  • PO BOX 957, Syracuse, NY 13201